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From: Andrew Ingleside
Subject: Experimenting, pt. 9 (bi-high school)___________9__________________Gary and Greg were outside in the driveway shooting hoops when the girls
returned home from their shopping expedition. Gary had just passed the ball
to Greg when Greg noticed them coming down the sidewalk and, fixated on
Jamie’s outfit, caught the ball full in the ear, stumbling dazedly into the
grass where he sat down heavily. The girls almost fell down laughing, as
did Gary, causing Greg’s face to turn beet red as he looked angrily at
Gary. “Why’d Preteen Nymphets Galleries you do that, buttface?”"What?” replied Gary defensively, “It’s not my fault you weren’t paying
attention.”"Are you…hahahahahahaha…ok?” asked Jamie, still convulsing with
laughter as she came up the driveway, “It looked like
it…uhhahaha…hurt.” She bent down to look at Greg’s ear, giving him a
nice shot of cleavage as she did so. Man, what a bod, Greg thought to
himself, momentarily distracted from the throbbing in his head. And Gary’s
right, he noted, look at that puss. As she examined his ear, Jamie’s groin
was only about a foot from his head, her full lips pressing noticeably
against the crotch of her shorts with a slight split between them. As the
blood left his face he was well aware of it rushing somewhere else, which
caused him some concern since he was wearing baggy cutoffs with no
underwear. Although it was true that Jaime had seen his dick before, albeit
under the most embarrassing circumstances, he wasn’t sure it was cool to go
flashing it around in front of her friend and all. Nonetheless, he knew it
was inching toward the open leg hole as it enlarged and would soon be on
display the way he was sitting. As he adjusted his posture, he looked at
Jamie’s friend for the first time. Kinda cute; pretty red hair and nice
calves, but he couldn’t tell much of anything else because of the baggy
dress she had on. But wait! As she turned to talk to Gary the sun caught
her just right from behind and turned her thin sundress virtually
see-through, revealing a nice slim waist widening slightly into tight hips
and thin but perfectly shaped thighs…and shit! Was that her puss?
Something appeared to be hanging down below the level of her groin–the
dress was almost Preteen Nymphets Galleries totally transparent from the angle he was sitting, and he
could swear he saw a wisp of hair. His penis continued its journey down
his leg until it reached its almost full six inches and it became more
difficult to keep it in.Jamie noticed his discomfort and line of sight and immediately figured out
what it was. Wow, she thought; Carolyn obviously didn’t put her underwear
back on in the changing room, and the little shit spotted it right away.
What a sex hound. Bet he’s hard as a rock again; let’s have a little
fun. “Can I help you up?” she offered, holding out her hand to Greg, and
bending slightly so that, if he looked just right, he could see up the leg
of her shorts a little. The way her hand was offered, Greg had to shift
position as he sat on the ground causing, as Jamie had expected, about two
inches of his hardon to pop out of the leg of his shorts. Jamie quickly
looked over to Carolyn, who she hoped was watching, and she was; her eyes
grew wide as she saw her first erect penis. As Greg accepted the helping
hand he froze and gulped when he noticed visible pubic hair and the side of
one meaty lip peeking from the side of Jamie’s shorts. His knees lost
control and he sat back heavily on the ground again, his penis protruding
about another inch with the awkwardness of his movement, and his increased
arousal caused his foreskin to roll back, clearly revealing his swollen
purple cockhead. When he finally got up he crossed his hands in front of
his crotch, trying to hide the six inch tent underneath with only middling
success.Both girls had strange smiles on their faces for a moment until Jamie said,
“Ready to go in, Car?” Carolyn nodded dumbly and the girls proceeded into
the house, leaving the boys out on the driveway in shock. Greg took his
hands away from his groin, his hardon poking straight out and lifting the
leg of his shorts up several inches. “What the hell happened there, dude?”
asked Gary, who was almost totally unaware of what had occurred.”Holy fuck,” answered Greg reverently, “First, from where I was sitting I
could like totally see through that redhead’s dress, and I think she’s
naked underneath it.”"No way!”"Absolutely! I’m pretty sure I saw hair and everything.”"Whoa!”"I’ll Preteen Nymphets Galleries tell you something; her bod is a lot nicer than it looks at
first–she’s actually kind of a babe. And THEN–I still can’t fuckin’
believe it–when your sister reached down to help me up I could see right
up her shorts and I saw hair and her like whole lip and you’re right, man,
it was freakin’ huge! I’m not surprised my dick popped out, I’m just
surprised I didn’t shoot in my pants.”Gary had to reach down and adjust his growing penis at the thought of this
and at the sight of Greg’s still full erection, which was making his mouth
water. “So neither one of them was wearing underwear?” he asked
incredulously.”Didn’t look like it. Do you think that’s normal?”"Doubt it; I know Jamie was wearing panties at breakfast ’cause I saw ‘em
when she got up. I wonder what the deal is?”"Well, let’s go up to your room, I want to check out that closet window you
were talking about. I bet they’re going to lay out on the roof and I don’t
want to miss this.” With that, the boys quietly entered the house,
agreeing that it would be best if the girls didn’t know they were
inside. Jamie’s door was closed and they heard rustling and giggling, and
they closed the door to Gary’s room quietly, pressing their ears to the
wall. The sounds were somewhat muffled, but they could hear most of the
conversation.”Did you see it?” asked Jamie. “Did you see Greg’s cock?”"How Preteen Nymphets Galleries
could I miss it? It was hanging out about three inches. I had no idea
they got that big–I’ve never seen one before. So that’s what goes inside
us? How the heck does it fit?”"Oh, we’re pretty flexible honey. You know how you had two fingers in me at
the changing room? Well, more would have fit easily.”It was all the boys could do not to pass out from the excitement of what
they had just heard. They both rubbed their crotches vigorously, Preteen Nymphets Galleries fully
erect.”I know, but that’s you. Everything about you is bigger than average. When
you’ve got only one finger in me it seems like I can feel every joint.”Their suspicions confirmed, both boys pulled their hard penises out of the
legs of their shorts and began to masturbate as quietly as possible. “I’d
love to suck your cock,” whispered Gary, “But I don’t want to miss any of
this.”"I know, I’d like to suck yours too,” responded Greg, “But this could be a
one in a million chance to hear how girls really talk. This is so fucking
hot I can hardly stand it.”The girls’ conversation resumed. “I know it feels that way at first,”
agreed Jamie, “But you’re new at this. It loosens up over time. When I’m
not horny, one finger fills me up plenty tight too, but when I get excited
everything swells, I guess, inside and out.”"You’re pretty swollen right now, Jame,” observed Carolyn.Jamie looked down and agreed. “What do you Preteen Nymphets Galleries expect? I mean, shit, first
Greg’s hard cock and then you standing naked in my room; a girl can only
take so much. But plenty of time for fun later; let’s go out and get some
sun.”"I wish we could go out there naked–it almost a shame to cover you up,”
said Carolyn softly enough so that the boys could barely hear.”You, too, babe. You’re looking a little swollen yourself. I’ve thought
about going out naked, and once you laid down on the roof you’d be ok, but
going out the window and walking to the spot people can see you from the
street. Plus, with these suits we’re almost naked anyway. That one looks
really good on you; it shows off all your best features.”"I can’t believe the one you have on,” observed Carolyn, “You’re right; you
could never wear that in public. Your hair sticks out the top! Turn
around…oh, my God! Your whole ass is exposed!”"That’s what a thong is, dummy–maximum ass tanning. I’ve never had this
one on when I’ve been horny though; it doesn’t really cover much in the
front, does it?”"Not when you’re all swollen up like that. And your clit really is starting
to stick out a lot again. Ohhhhhhhhhh, Jesus, you’re making me so wet
looking like you do. Can’t you make me come again before we go out?”The boys were totally losing it in the room next door, Greg’s cock dripping
pre-come on the floor.”Now, Carolyn, be good. I’m as horny as you are but we’ve got all day and
night to fool around. Sometimes it’s better if you wait a little.”"Oooohhh, shit, I know you’re right but I’m like soaking through my
suit. Let’s go out then.”The boys pulled back from the wall as they heard Jamie’s window go up prior
to the Preteen Nymphets Galleries girls going Preteen Nymphets Galleries outside. Both of their penises were at maximum erection
and throbbing. “Let’s go in the closet and see what we can see,” suggested
Gary, “But let’s take our pants off so we can get at each other while we’re
doing it; I’m probably gonna have to come real soon.”"Me too,” agreed Greg, dropping his shorts, his bone-hard penis bouncing up
as he did so, the foreskin pulled almost all the way back off the
head. “Let’s go!” Their erections led the way across the bedroom to the
closet. Once in the closet Gary had to push a number of hangers aside and
then the small curtain that covered the octagonal window overlooking the
roof. The portion of the roof to which the girls were heading was between
two dormers, one being part of Gary’s room, the other, part of Jamie’s, and
the roof between was mostly flat for a good ten feet from the edge. When in
that area, as Jamie had noted, one could be seen from the street only when
standing up and, as their house was across from a small park, from no other
house. The girls emerged from Jamie’s dormer window wearing t-shirts and
carrying towels and cans of pop, and then began spreading the towels in
their sunning area. As the window from which the boys watched was in the
side of the Gary’s dormer facing the other one, they had a clear view of
the area between. Greg rubbed his penis lightly in anticipation, and Gary
reached in and took over when he saw what his friend was doing. Greg
allowed Gary to rub it for a minute, then pushed his hand away. “You better
stop Preteen Nymphets Galleries that for now,” Greg warned, “I was really getting close to coming, and
I don’t want to until I see your sister in that suit they were talking
about.”Greg didn’t have long to get his wish. Preteen Nymphets Galleries As the boys looked out the window,
their heads continually jockeying for the best position and their erections
frequently bumping together, Carolyn removed her t-shirt, revealing her
trim figure in her brand new tiny suit. “Whoa!”, said Gary, impressed, “I
never knew she was such a babe. She always looks kinda like a
librarian. What an ass!”"Great legs too. And look at how that suit looks on her puss; you can
almost see the split between her lips.” He gently grabbed Gary’s cock and
began stroking it lightly up and down, causing Gary’s knees to buckle
slightly as he let out a soft moan.”God damn, you just touched my dick for a second and I feel like I’m going
to blow.”"Yeah, well, if you think that’s good look at this,” Greg replied, pointing
to the window, through which they could see Jamie bending over smoothing
her towel, her naked ass fully exposed and her breathtakingly full pussy
lips, barely covered by the bathing suit, hanging down from between her
legs. Carolyn had laid back on her towel also, her suit pulled up tight
into her crotch, which she adjusted by putting her hand down the front of
her suit and cupping her aroused sex, moving her hand around in a circle
slowly for a moment. “Jesus Christ, I can hardly breathe,” said Greg
softly. As if intentionally to make it more difficult for Preteen Nymphets Galleries him, at that
moment Jamie turned and took off her t-shirt. Both boys involuntarily
sucked in their breath at the sight; her firm breasts bounced once and then
stopped, covered only by a small triangle of cloth around the areolae and
nipples, her slim, tapered waist leading to a flat, lightly muscled
stomach, and then…oh my, then there was her crotch. Small strings went
around her slim hips and around her back, supporting a thin piece of cloth
no more than four inches wide at the top, tapering as it went down. About a
half inch of dark blond pubic hair was visible at the top of the cloth, and
the material bulged outward noticeably into two amazingly plump mounds of
flesh, of which about half of each was fully exposed at the sides of each
leg hole.”Oh, fuck I can’t take it!” moaned Greg painfully, and he grabbed his
dripping penis and began desperately jacking the loose skin back and forth
in a blur of motion. “No, wait!” pleaded Gary, but it was too late; after
no more than ten savage strokes Greg’s knees buckled and a geyser of sperm
erupted from his swollen glans, followed by several more strong
ejaculations as his face contorted in a rictus of almost impossible
pleasure. Gary wasn’t sure what he thought was sexier: finally seeing his
unbelievably erotic sister wearing almost nothing, or once again seeing his
friend spewing out giant jets of semen as his desire became
irresistible. His own cock almost felt like it was about to spontaneously
erupt again, but at that moment he also noticed that Greg was spraying jism
all over his, Gary’s, best dress shirt as it hung innocently on its hanger
next to the window. The thoughts of his mom killing him caused his erection
to subside somewhat.”Dude, you fuckin’ came all over my shirt, asshole! My ma’s going to kill
me!”"Sorry man, but where it was going wasn’t tops on my list at the time–I’ve
never had to come so bad in my life. I mean, look at her!” Greg said as he
pointed out the window again. Jamie was laying on her back with her right
leg pulled up, accentuating the bulge between her legs and causing her
entire furry left outer lip to escape from her bottoms.Carolyn sat up to take a drink of pop and noticed her friend’s fallout
problem as well. “Uh, Jame?” she said playfully, “Your suit’s not doing a
great job holding everything in, if you know what I mean.”"Something catch your eye, honey?” replied Jamie, lifting her head up to
see the errant part. “You better fix it if you care about it; you wouldn’t
want it to burn, would you?”"No way–I want all of this to be ready whenever the chance comes up,” said
Jamie, and reached over to run her hand up Jamie’s right leg from the
knee. Once her hand reached the hair around the protruding lip she caressed
it gently, then the lip itself. The boys saw Jamie stiffen at the touch,
and could see the lip engorge somewhat before Carolyn lifted up the side of
Jamie’s suit bottoms and tucked it back inside with some difficulty,
revealing more of Jamie’s thick pubic hair and their first hint of her
hairless, rubbery inner lips. As Carolyn rearranged her friend she reached
over and kissed her gently on the lips, the tips of their tongues playing
together like two amorous snakes. Gary’s face went slack and his cock
started jumping violently at the sight of the girls making out. Greg,
recognizing the familiar signs of impending orgasm, went swiftly to his
knees and took Gary’s turgid cock into his mouth just as the shaft
contracted and the first squirt of semen blasted from the swollen head,
followed by three more watery shots.”Ohhhhhhhhh, Goddddddddddddd….” sighed Gary as his ejaculation concluded,
“How can it get better than this?” Greg smiled and nodded, his own penis
still almost fully erect but with the foreskin back covering the
head. Almost as if to prove them wrong, however, as their attention went
back to the window they saw Carolyn taking her top off, her small but
attractive breasts on display for the first time, and she lowered her
bottoms very slowly, pausing for an agonizing moment before lowering them
below her tuft of bright red-blond pubic hair. Once she was totally nude,
she kissed Jamie once more and then lay back on her towel as if it was the
most natural thing in the world to be naked on her friend’s roof in the
middle of the day.Jamie propped herself up on her elbows, amazed at the transformation of her
friend from a na´ve kid to a very sexual teenager. Though she knew it was
impossible, it seemed to Jamie that Carolyn’s body had also developed
somewhat since yesterday; her breasts seemed fuller, and her vaginal lips
appeared a bit Preteen Nymphets Galleries larger also, although that may have been due to
arousal. Just looking at Carolyn’s naked body and thinking about her being
aroused Preteen Nymphets Galleries stirred emotions within Jamie that were at best only weakly
suppressed already, and she felt herself begin to swell with desire. She
looked around the roof and then off toward the park across the street and,
seeing that there was no way she could be seen, followed Carolyn’s lead and
stripped off her bikini top, cupping her taut breasts in her hand after she
did so. She loved the feel of the warm sun on her naked skin, and after
another moment of thinking about it she reached down and slid her string
bottoms down and off. The light breeze felt heavenly on her wet flesh, and
she imagined her vagina breathing a sigh of relief upon being freed from
its inadequate covering. As Jamie stayed up on her elbows, Carolyn’s hand
absent-mindedly drifted over her own sex, fluffing the sparse hair gently
and then running down along the smooth lips, lingering a bit where they
parted. Jamie wasn’t aware of whether Carolyn knew she was watching her,
but that only added to the almost overwhelming eroticism of it, and Jamie
felt her sexual organs begin to engorge in Preteen Nymphets Galleries earnest.”Oh my fuckin’ god,” said Greg breathlessly, his penis fully erect and
throbbing once again, as was Gary’s. “She was put together by all the sex
gods and sent out into the world just to totally fuck with my head. Preteen Nymphets Galleries I
didn’t know a woman could EVER look that good.” Both he and Gary started
to masturbate slowly again, their eyes so focused on the little round
window that the house could have fallen down around them and they wouldn’t
have noticed.Outside, Carolyn’s fingers began to move a little more quickly and her hips
jumped slightly every now and then as her desire increased. The boys
noticed a slight sheen of wetness at the entrance to her vagina, and her
inner lips were noticeably larger than they had been when she lay
down. Watching this was obviously taking its toll on Jamie. Her legs eased
apart and her right hand began to play over the surface of her swollen
pussy also, causing her clit to begin its emergence from under its
hood. She avoided touching it for the most part, toying all around it,
tickling her protruding inner lips and pulling them together at the bottom
which caused the hood to glide over the tip of her erection, which was now
standing out angry and wet looking.”Jesus, is that what I think it is?” wondered Gary, “Can that be her clit?
It’s so fucking big!”"I’ve never seen one like that before,” agreed Greg, “And I’ve seen a LOT
of porn sites. You sure she’s not your brother instead of your sister?” Preteen Nymphets Galleries he
added jokingly.”Asshole,” Gary replied, punching him on the arm, “And you’d care if she
was?”"Fuck, no–I’d suck that thing whatever it was. Whoa–check it out!”Jamie had finally given into the temptation to touch her erect clit, and as
her fingers made contact she let out an audible moan, startling Carolyn out
of her reverie. “Well, what have we been doing while my eyes were closed,
you dirty girl?” she asked playfully, her fingers still busy in her own
moist nest. Jamie smiled back weakly, her fingers caressing the length of
her erection, her body beginning to shake slightly from the stimulation. “I
can’t help…myself…when I see you getting excited it
just…huuuuhhh…turns me on so much,” replied Jamie, her voice trembling.
Carolyn’s eyes were beginning to glaze over as well from the combined
effect of the extremely visible arousal of her friend and the two fingers
she was slowly working in and out of her own drenched hole. “Well, if it’s
my fault,” said Carolyn with a sexy smile, “I better help you with it…”
and with that rolled over on her side and sank her index finger deep into
Jamie’s wide open sex, causing Jamie to lose muscle control and fall back
all the way, her legs spread wide, clitoris jerking visibly at the top of
her opening.”Ohhhhhhhhh ssshhhhhhiiiittt!!!!!!” groaned Greg as he ejaculated all over
the wall under the window, the sperm running slowly down with increasing
speed as he continued to spurt and add to the flow. Gary’s penis was
throbbing relentlessly and dripping precome like an open faucet, but
somehow he held off the urge to come immediately. He wondered where his
sister got her unusual endowment from, because he had never considered
himself overly blessed in the size department. Maybe his mom had a big
pussy too, he found himself Preteen Nymphets Galleries wondering, and was surprised that the thought
didn’t turn him off like he expected it to. But the fact remained that his
sister was the sexiest girl he had ever seen, bar none, and somehow he knew
that living in the same house with her would never be the same after the
last couple of days. Carolyn had leaned over and taken Jamie’s swollen flesh into her mouth,
licking and sucking her lips and clit for all she was worth, and Jamie was
thrashing around like a boated tuna. Carolyn’s hand was busy at her own
sex, pounding two fingers into her wide open hole, her hips thrusting back
and forth with increasing speed as she approached her climax, but suddenly
that was secondary as Jamie’s hit like a category 5 hurricane–her body
absolutely froze still for a moment, then began to shudder
violently. Carolyn had moved her head away from Jamie’s convulsing sex
organs, for her own protection as much as anything, but continued manually
stimulating the stiff clit. Jamie cried out “OH!” sharply, then bit her lip
as her clitoris raised up, her vagina opened wide and the lips flushed dark
purple as a squirt of fluid erupted from within, followed by another and
another as the convulsing slowed. Carolyn, overcome with lust at the sight
of her friend in such ecstasy, reinserted both fingers into her own swollen
hole and pistoned them back and forth almost faster than the eye could
follow, her eyes tightly closed and her shapely legs open wide as her hips
thrust once, twice and a third time, her mouth wide open in a silent
scream. As she came down, Jamie slid over to her and they embraced
passionately, their tongues intertwined deep in each other’s mouth as their
hands stole down and cupped the other’s spasming sex.Gary finally had enough and with the first touch of his hand on his aching
penis spurted come into one of his basketball shoes on the
floor. “Ohhhhhhhhh, fuck,” he groaned as he saw where it was landing, his
hips continuing to pump, “My new Nikes!” Greg’s erection had miraculously
never gone down since his last orgasm and as Gary was finishing his climax
Greg’s hips began to sway and, without touching himself at first, more
sperm began to shoot out of his swollen cockhead which was looking
particularly red and inflamed by now. “Jesus!” he exclaimed in surprise,
“I…can’t hold it!” and began violently jacking his stiff shaft as the
juice continued to pour out. The closet reeked of semen, and Gary despaired
at the thought of the cleaning he would have to do. Greg leaned back
against the wall, his penis still jutting out in front of him like a club,
semen still Preteen Nymphets Galleries dripping slowly from the head. “Holy shit, buddy. A guy can
only take so much. I came three fuckin’ times in about ten minutes and my
dick’s still hard! And they’re still goin’ at it!” he added, pointing out
the window. The girls were indeed still locked in an embrace, kissing
deeply, their hands still slowly fondling each other’s drenched
pussy. Gary, whose cock had gone down to about half hard, had to admit it
was the sexiest thing he had ever seen or probably ever would see (although
with how things had been going recently he wasn’t sure). “Do you think your
sister would let me Preteen Nymphets Galleries fuck her?” asked Greg with a hint of desperation in his
voice.”How the hell should I know?” Gary replied impatiently, “Maybe she’s gone
full lezbo.”"Nah, I doubt it–she was too into checking out my dick before. Man, I
gotta fuck her or I’ll die! I mean, I thought she was a babe before, but I
mean, she’s like…like…she’s total sex, you know? She’s just totally
built for sex…I’ll probably never ever see another woman like this,
ever,” Greg babbled on, his amazingly still-full erection waving in front
of him, slowly dripping juice.As much as Gary Preteen Nymphets Galleries
agreed, he couldn’t take his eyes off of Carolyn. There was
something about her pale, innocent look that drove him crazy, contrasted as
it was with how he saw her now with her legs widespread, her bright
orange-furred muff totally failing to hide the swollen lips below, being
fingered by his sister. It had to be that she was a girl he was seeing be
totally sexual that he had never Preteen Nymphets Galleries thought of in a sexual way at all before.
He wondered if Greg could fuck Jamie, could he possibly have a chance to do
Carolyn? His penis rose to full erection again at the thought, and he knew
they had to try.
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